Dedicated exclusively to our resident neurobiologist, tiara-wearing princess, monkey-fan, and main squeeze of one Sheldon Cooper: AMY FARRAH FOWLER! This is the place where we ship Shamy and we ship it hard. Haters to the left. FUCK YEAH!


I Gotta Say


This Shamy fandom is by far the most loving one I’ve been apart of. I love the fact that we support one another and never judge each other. I’ve seen other fandoms that are downright mean to each other. And ive never seen a fandom as crazy as the Shamys. I love that you guys just made me feel welcome once I started fangirling my way in. You guys are awesome and I love being a part of this amazing and crazy fandom. Thank you.

Shamy nation…



The season 7 finale is not the end and we all know it. Keep your heads up, everything will be ok!


Sheldon/Amy Only Edits

Episode: 7x21 - The Anything Can Happen Recurrence
Original air date: April 24, 2014
Scenes: Amy feels bad for lying to Sheldon and attempts to make it up to him.
Downloads links:
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     MP4 (6.04 MB)BitshareMegashares
     MPG (8.31 MB)BitshareMegashares

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dear big bang theory writers

Can we please have an episode that focuses on Amy and that isn’t shamy related because there never has been one.

sincerely everyone